Plenary Lectures

Barbara Jaworski (UK)

barbara_jaworski_m    How to Solve “it”: with a focus on mathematics teaching, what is included in the “it”?

Masataka Koyama (Japan)


Dynamic cycle driven by the dialectic cycle of two complementary reflections in lesson study on school mathematics


Roza Leikin (Israel)

roza_leikin_m         Interplay between creativity and expertise in teaching and learning of mathematics

Alan Schoenfeld (USA)

alan_schoenfeld_m         Solving the problem of powerful instruction

Plenary Panel

  • Helen Chick (Australia, Chair)
  • Miriam Amit (Israel)
  • Szilárd András (Romania)
  • Markku Hannula (Finland)
  • Berinderjeet Kaur (Singapore)

National Presentation

  • The National Presentation will be led by Tibor Vidákovich